Generate Website Seal

The CloneGuard security seal is a web site stamp which indicates the site has been scanned utilizing tens of thousands of security checks. Customers and users vising your site will know their purchases, and personal data are securely stored and protected against internet based threats.

Why use the CloneGuard Security Seal?

Security trust seals have demonstrated to improve visitors’ engagement with sites, yielding an increase in purchases, and the transparent sharing of sensitive information

Where can I ideally use the CloneGuard Security Seal?

On e-commerce sites and landing pages. By featuring the CloneGuard security seals, you will notice the following enhancements:

  • Increase in Your Brands Reputation
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Instilled Visitor Confidence
  • Increase in Lead Generation

It all comes down to giving your customers peace of mind. Proudly display and install the CloneGuard Security Seal on your site Today!

Add a Security Seal to your Site

Step 1: Choose an icon

Step 2: Select the size

Step 3: Add the snippet of code to your site


* Add the above script after the HTML body tag.

Step 3b: Wordpress users can also utilize our CloneGuard Security Scanning plugin